We are your Eyes


Our presence on site ensures quality and safe handling, secured and smooth operations for your very important shipment, cost efficiency with above all on time performances.

Our experience is the key of your success!


IMPERIAL is the approved specialist of Artwork logistics at Liege airport since 2013 with worldwide flights everyday. We work with the most famous Museums and Brokers!


IMPERIAL will handle all your specific requests with our expertise. We will come with the best, most efficient and cheapest solution.

High values

IMPERIAL uses all their knowledge and skills in supervision of Luxuous Cars, Helicopter, Concert Equipment, Car Industry Spare Parts, Industrial Machine, Artwork,...

Oversized Cargo

IMPERIAL's loadmasters have 20 years experience in loading of Oversized Cargo. AN124, IL76, B747, B757, B737, B707, A300, MD11, DC10, Bae146... or a simple truck have no secret for our loadmasters. Our load optimization will help to reduce your costs.

Charter Supervision

IMPERIAL provides the supervision for passengers and cargo Charters. From the ticketing, aircraft handling/loading/boarding, refuelling to the catering, our loadmasters are also the most skilled redcap!


IMPERIAL team has 20 years of Cargo experience including Livestock: very expensive Horses as all kind of animals: cows, chicken, birds, Kangourou, sheep, ...