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IMPERIAL is the specialist of airfreight booking and Artwork / high values supervision at Liege, Brussels and Luxembourg airports.

With us, « sit back and relax », our team will follow all process steps of your shipment: airfreight booking, paperwork, labelling, truck off/loading, ULD build up/breakdown, securing, airside transfer, aircraft off/loading, hotel booking & shuttle with your courrier.

Our 20 years experience onsite provides the top quality services to your very demanding and high value shipment.



Who we are

Our clients highly appreciate our expertise, professionalism, flexibility, discretion and worldwide experience over 20 years.

This multi-background and significant experience offer the most efficient solution to all your charters and high value shipment requests.

Before working with us, 100% of our clients started initially with a trial shipment. Repeated satisfaction and our well-known « extra mile » built their confidence in IMPERIAL!     Like our clients, try the Imperial experience! 

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Dimitri Soboleff

I started my career in logistics as broker in 1999 within a multinational company. Manager at only 24, I developed my logistics skills and knowledge within a famous American Airlines, I was in charge to build their European HUB at Liege airport. At this time, from my first contacts with the « Queen of the Sky » or Boeing 747, a very old dream came back:

« I stopped to think and started to dream ».

I passed successively all my pilot and instructor qualifications and built a flying school/ATO named Spirit Aviation where I gained my initial pilot experience; we also started in parallel a very specific and demanding logistics: the Artwork. Flying around the world for few airlines, I keep this company 8 years before deciding to invest more time in Imperial dedicated to Artwork and high values airfreight and its supervision.

Now, I am 42, I close the loop, pilot instructor, expert in Safety, qualified on Boeing 737, Sukhoi Superjet 100, I am also flying on the famous « Queen of the Sky » for a Cargo Airlines based at Liege airport. Some days I am busy with the logistics of your Artwork and taking care of your supervision; others days, I also fly myself your artwork to great destinations as New York.

Artwork and Aviation, a great combinaison of 2 passions, my life!

Hope to work and fly with and for you soon,
Best regards,


"Sit back and relax, we take care of everything!"

Benoit Denet

45 years old, I started my career in the airtransport 25 years ago.

Having spent various qualifications, after activities in passenger transport, I worked as flying loadmaster and aeronautical consultant.

On the five continents, my responsibilities for the complex and delicate loading of aircrafts, have enabled me to acquire a great experience in the air cargo field.

Working in sensitive areas around the world has been my daily routine in past years.

Hope to work with and for you soon
Best regards,

"We are Professional!"

Jean-Marc Lannoy

In aviation for more than 30 years as Fixed wing and Helicopter pilot I decided to open my career to Aviation Operations.
 After following several trainings in Flight Operations , aircraft weight and balance and multi training at ENAC Toulouse (Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile) : Airport organization , Air Freight transportation organization but also coaching and mentoring skill, I worked as Operations Manager in Liege Airport in a well known company.
I like multilingual and multicultural environments.
Leading more than 140 employees, I managed all activities related to the freight’s movement through Liege Airport. Later, I also built a significant experience in VIP aviation into Switzerland (Geneva) and Luxembourg for a famous company.
I’m proud from now to put all my aviation experience into Imperial because we share the same goal , quality , professionalism  and client satisfaction.
Hope to work with and for you soon
Best regards,

"We are The Specialists"

We are your Eyes


Our presence on site ensures quality and safe handling, secured and smooth operations for your very important shipment, cost efficiency with above all on time performances.

Our experience is the key of your success!


IMPERIAL is the approved specialist of Artwork logistics at Liege airport since 2013 with worldwide flights everyday. We work with the most famous Museums and Brokers!


IMPERIAL will handle all your specific requests with our expertise. We will come with the best, most efficient and cheapest solution.

High values

IMPERIAL uses all their knowledge and skills in supervision of Luxuous Cars, Helicopter, Concert Equipment, Car Industry Spare Parts, Industrial Machine, Artwork,...

Oversized Cargo

IMPERIAL's loadmasters have 20 years experience in loading of Oversized Cargo. AN124, IL76, B747, B757, B737, B707, A300, MD11, DC10, Bae146... or a simple truck have no secret for our loadmasters. Our load optimization will help to reduce your costs.

Charter Supervision

IMPERIAL provides the supervision for passengers and cargo Charters. From the ticketing, aircraft handling/loading/boarding, refuelling to the catering, our loadmasters are also the most skilled redcap!


IMPERIAL team has 20 years of Cargo experience including Livestock: very expensive Horses as all kind of animals: cows, chicken, birds, Kangourou, sheep, ...

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Liege Airport – Belgium
VAT: BE0679.546.267